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December 7, 2012


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200 Watchers special c: Almost. I hope you'd join. c:
:iconrianchu: be helpin' me, yo. :3 It's also my first contest on DA.. so bare with me. -thumbs up-.
Please favorite this journal to show that you are entering.
-Do not steal, copy, or rip off of someone's work. You will be disqualified.
-The hair does not have to be custom/mixed, but you will get a better chance of winning if you make it custom/mixed.
-2 entries max.
-Don't be a bitch. please.
-Deadline: January 1..(Not so sure about this. But we'll see. If needed, I'll extend it.)
-Have fun. <3
Character format:
-Hair color: Brown, bleach blonde, or any other light/pastel colors. Highlights are optional
-Hair length: Do whatever you want with it. Either neck-length, or medium.
-Eyes: Female 5, Female 2, or Odd Eyes
And then do whatever you want. c: Just be creative.
If you would like to donate prizes, please note me and tell me what you wanna donate.
1st Place:
-SMMV, featuring your character. Any song, your choice. (About like.. 10-35 seconds?)
-1 icon, nlr, gif and paper drawing from Rianchu (Ok, i dont wanna give you a lot of work LOL)
-2 icons and nlrs from me.
-2 Mixed hairs of your choice.
-3 adoptables of your choice from iiPandaPiku
-1 nlr from cliselle
-1 drawing from laurifly
-Doll package from take-flyte
-1 nlr from CreativeKrissy
k i need to get points soon. lololol

2nd Place:
-1 icon or nlr from me. (you choose one)
-1 icon and nlr from Rianchu
-One mixed hair
-One gif from me
-2 adoptables of your choice from iiPandaPiku
-1 drawing from laurifly
-Doll package from take-flyte

{NOTE TO PRIZE DONATERS} After the contest is over, please message the winners about the prizes, and send them formats, or whatever.

1. :thumb341742947:
2. Erica's Nlr Contest Entry! by Rianchu
3. :thumb341753182:
4. Entery for icookiemunch by iidomolove
5. Erica's NLR contest by kingsando
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7. NL Contest Entry | iCookieMunch by strawocolate
8. Erica's NLR Contest Entry by sassily
10. Contest Entry for iCookieMunch NLR Contest by Brooklyn62
11. iCookieMunch's NL Contest Entry by CandyIshMyTreat
12. {iCookieMunch} NLR Contest Entry by CreamyStrawberries
13. :thumb342290221:
14. :thumb342555638:
15. NLR Contest by reddragon2000
16. Externity/iCookieMunch's NLR contest entry by laurifly
17. NLR Entry | iCookieMunch by Halyius
18. Externity's NL Contest Entry by PAPERCRAN3S
19. Second Entry To Externity's NLR CONTEST. by Rianchu
20. || Contest Entry - Externity by CreativeKrissy
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[link] o:
Also, for contributing, I can give a NLR to first place. c:
Externity Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
Added c:
for 1st or 2nd place prizes , you can add a doll package if you'd like .
Externity Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
Alright, thank you ^^
Here's My Second Entryyyy. :iconamgplz: [link]
Link to my entry


Bsproj to my entry

Here's my entryyyyyyyy. :meow:
magicwingsforever Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I am here on behalf of #AnotherContestGroup I =magicwingsforever have listed your contest in our journals. Feel free contact us if you have any questions or deadline/details changes, but be sure to check our FAQ [link] first! We did this to help get your contest more noticed with over 7000 watchers currently all with a common interest of contests - perhaps watch us if you're not already for this and more information. Also please send us a note if you’re interested in our ‘Winners Package’ which is free and gets you more prizes for your contest.
Thank you. :iconmagicwingsforever::iconanothercontestgroup::iconacg-pointsdonations:
my entry. hope you like it. c;
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